Consignment Specialist. Metro RV primarily sells used RVs on consignment. By doing this there is no competition from new RVs sitting next to yours.

Metro RV is attracting buyers nationwide. We provide extensive advertising both locally and nationwide. We may already have a buyer for your RV.

Free Appraisals. The correct asking price is critical. We use prices of previously sold units, book values, and we have experienced appraisers to make sure that your RV is priced right.

Extended Warranties. We offer extended service agreements on many later models. Some customers are afraid of buying a used RV without any warranty. We provide buyers with peace of mind.

Ultimate Detailing Service. With our professional detailing service your RV will never look better and it will attract more buyers. We do an extensive deep cleaning and we sanitize your RV from top to bottom.

Experienced staff. RV pricing, advertising, marketing, detailing, extended service agreements, and trouble free closings all happen because of our experienced staff.

No cost to you to consign with Metro RV. There is no listing or storage fees when you consign with us. We set an amount upfront that you will receive when your RV is sold. We cover all of the expenses of inspection, smog, detailing, and repairs. There are no out of pocket expenses to you.

Safety and security. You don’t have strangers calling, coming to your house, or going on a test drive with you.

Qualified buyers. We only allow qualified buyers to look at your coach and short test drives are only allowed with one of our experienced staff members.


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